Our Vision:

Pensacola will be the high-performance sailing technology center of the U.S. by 2040.

The Sail Pensacola

Strategic Plan:

Three Goals

Make Sailors

Pre-sailors and proto-sailors need access to sailing experiences that enlighten, entertain, and inspire. Sail Pensacola will work to enhance these opportunities by assisting with marketing of existing sail-aligned businesses to assure they are discovered!

Once sailing interest exists, access to boats and the water are essential to continue a sailor’s development.  Pensacola has plentiful waterfront but precious little access for sailing.  Hence, Sail Pensacola has prioritized development of a community sailing center, in collaboration with the Satori Foundation and Pensacola Yacht Club, that will involve property redevelopment using a combination of private capital and the fundraising non-profit leverage of Sail Pensacola.

OBJECTIVE: Deliver a fully equipped, staffed, state-of-the-art community sailing center to Pensacolan’s by Spring of 2025!

Pendragon has these guys smiling!


American Magic has endorsed the Pensacola Bay as a prime year-round sailing venue for high-performance boats!  Future Olympic sailors and class racers are inquiring about bringing their events and Pensacola will need additional, professional race management capacity to reward their interest.

More races will require more staging areas as well.  Pensacola Bay and the surrounding ecosystem possesses a range of staging venues that can be activated in support of the full range of racing craft, from wing foilers and dinghies to crane-launched yachts.

Sail Pensacola is developing the procedures and community linkages to take these new venues to “live” status.


OBJECTIVE: Sail Pensacola will develop a professional race management team and new staging venues to deliver world-class sailing events off-loading these burdens from PYC.


The advent of hydrofoils, alternative-fuel propulsion systems, and complex electronic control systems has launched a renaissance of new marine and sailing development. Sail Pensacola aims to create a technology epicenter for these design and fabrication industries in the Pensacola Bay sailing business ecosystem.  Sail Pensacola lead in the development of this vision while collaborating with the City of Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida West EDA, Pensacola State College and University of West Florida;

A centerpiece sailing technology center will provide leased space and makers assets for engineering, fabrication, sailor development, and sail manufacturing.  The resulting coalescence of professionals at the heart of these innovations will establish Pensacola as the technology hub for sailing innovation.

Beyond recruiting these innovators, Sail Pensacola will work to continually recruit manufacturers and fully developed businesses that are aligned with our natural assets, to locate in our community and drive a trajectory of workforce development and employment that redefines the business environment of the Pensacola Bay.

OBJECTIVE:  Catalyze the development of the North American sailing technology center while bringing new jobs from recruited business making Pensacola the U.S. sailing technology hub by 2040.

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