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Nov 15, 2023 | Jobs, Sailing Ecosystem

 The #3 Goal of Sail Pensacola is to Make Jobs.

Sail Pensacola is an orchestrator of an emerging set of business developments in the Pensacola business ecosystem.  Yes, we are committed to sailor development and to expansion of racing on the Pensacola Bay, but, the potential to leverage these developments into a multi-generational wave of new jobs is REALLY exciting!

How do we see that happening?

Recruiting established sailing and marine tech businesses to Pensacola is the most obvious approach.  Why would they want to be here?

  • Natural Sailing Assets!  Pensacola has an all-season maritime climate combined with low-chop in the Pensacola Bay and the sea-state of the Gulf of Mexico just outside the Bay.  That means whatever your watercraft, sailing or power discipline, recreational sailing or power avocation, you have the range and water features here!  Why else would American Magic be moving their sailing base to Pensacola?
  • Business Development Advantages!  If you are in the marinate tech and high-performance sailing industry and are looking for a footprint in the U.S., you’d be drawn to our: vacant waterfront property, business relocation incentives, an enthusiastic City and County, low cost of living, affordable labor costs, and amazing quality of life. That’s Pensacola!

Sail Pensacola is reaching out to the world of sailing and marine tech to invite a look!  We will pull out all the stops to get new businesses settled into this amazing maritime ecosystem for their next phase of prosperity.

Recruiting businesses to our shoreline is not our only strategy.  Equally important is building infrastructure that will accelerate sailing and marine technology.  Not incubate.  Accelerate!  We recognize the U.S. sailing technology industry and consumer penetration are 5-7 years behind the European experience.  There is an opportunity to intentionally accelerate the U.S. industry to close that gap.  How?

The Sailing and Marine Technology Accelerator.

Innovations in this sector depend on great minds coming up with original ideas about propulsion, sail design, foiling, fabrication, and sustainability.  Those imaginations are actuated by designers, engineers and architects.  We are creating an acceleration ecosystem that supports their imagination, prototyping, and business development.  How?

  • The Sailing Footprint Accelerator.  This program is designed to give new businesses a scalable footprint in the Pensacola ecosystem, beginning with product presentations streamed on our social media, advancing to on-water demos through an on-site ambassador, and culminating in a physical business footprint in the Pensacola maritime community.  This program helps new businesses start-up in an scalable and economical way while putting their great new products on the ground in Pensacola, the high-performance epicenter of sailing and marine technology in North America!
  • The Sailing and Marine Technology Center.  Sail Pensacola has teamed with the University of West Florida Mechanical Engineering Department to launch a technology hub that surrounds a fully equipped engineering maker space with business suites to house those great minds!  The maker space provides access to multi-access CNC, 3-D printing, CFD computing power, composite fabrication assets, 3-D scanning, and carbon fiber reuse platforms.  Our collaboration with the University of West Florida College of Business and the SBDC provides business development support to these freelancers for taking their products to market.

Sail Pensacola will leverage all economic development assets available to bring these sailing and marine technology businesses to our waterline where they use our labor force to build innovations for the world!

The Pensacola Bay is an amazing sailing location.  The steady winds, year-round sailing climate, low waves, and abundant beaches make it truly spectacular for sailboat racing and even more ideal for hydrofoiling (“foiling”) watercraft including sailboats.  Over the next 20 years, Pensacola WILL become the epicenter of sailing, sailboat racing, high-performance foiling, and job creation from sailing and maritime industries in North America.  Its in our DNA!

If you’d like to learn more about being a volunteer or otherwise assisting in our vision, please sign up to be on our electronic mailing list.

Helping Established Businesses Grow!

The Pensacola Bay is already home to a host of entrepreneurs, companies, and non-profits offering sailing and marine experiences for locals and visitors.  In addition, there is a second layer merchants surrounding the marine community with hospitality, entertainment, dining, and artistic inspiration.  These businesses collectively define the sailing and marine experience in Pensacola and will have new opportunities to grow as our 20-year vision is actuated.  Insuring that these businesses have the most current business assistance to support profitability, expansion and succession is a top priority of Sail Pensacola.  Connecting them with these business assistance assets is our first goal.  In addition, we will inspire them with our 20-year vision and will guide them them too devise collaborations that create value throughout the business ecosystem, initiating an economic tidal wave for all!

Why Sail Pensacola?

The Pensacola community in confronted with a historic opportunity to latch onto its core value – the Bay, for a multi-generational economic opportunity centered on marine technology, industry, and recreation.  Its a big vision and will need steady attention for actuation.  Sail Pensacola was organized to do just that.  We are a 501(c)3 and depend on volunteers throughout the ecosystem that come from the public, businesses, educational institutions, financial companies, and industry leaders.  If you’d like to give us a hand in where this community is going, climb aboard!  We’ll hand you a line, show you how we are getting there, and celebrate together on our arrival at the epicenter of high-performance sailing and marine technology of North America.  That’s Pensacola!

Our Mission:









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