Sailing ON Pensacola Bay

Our Goals

Sail Pensacola wraps Team American Magic in home-town pride!

Make Sailors

Pre-sailors and proto-sailors need access to sailing experiences that enlighten, entertain, and inspire. Sail Pensacola will work to enhance these opportunities by assisting with marketing of existing sail-aligned businesses to assure they are discovered!  In addition, Sail Pensacola has prioritized development of a community sailing center that will enhance access to boats and instruction that are essential to continue a sailor’s development.

Sail Pensacola focuses on sailing ecosystem enhancement in the Pensacola Bay.

Make Races

American Magic has endorsed the Pensacola Bay as a prime year-round sailing venue for high-performance boats!  Future Olympic sailors and class racers will inquire about bringing their event and Pensacola will need additional, professional race management capacity to reward their interest.  Sail Pensacola will develop additional human and physical resources needed to support more racing activity on the Pensacola Bay.

Sailing technology is Pensacola business!

Make Jobs

Sail Pensacola will create a technology hub supporting the design and fabrication professionals at the heart hydrofoils, alternative-fuel propulsion systems, and complex electronic control systems that will establish Pensacola as the high performancd sailing and marine technology center of North America.


The world-famous FOILING WEEK is coming to Pensacola with sailboat races, foiling watercraft demos, film festival, symposia and merchandise exhibits!  Mark your calendar now!

Americas Cup Team!

Sail Pensacola in Moth- and Wasp-class foilers!

American magic

Pensacola’s Home Town Team!

Sail Pensacola welcomes Sunfish-class racers to best sun, wind, and water a dinghy racer can find!

Here's the Schedule for AC37!

Make your Travel and Viewing Plan!

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