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May 3, 2024 | Jobs, Sailing Ecosystem

February 24-March 2, 2025!


Foiling Week Pensacola is a 1-week festival celebrating hydrofoiling* (foiling) watercraft that are fast, fun, and the future of moving on water. The festival, now in its 11th year at Lake Garda in Italy is expanding to Pensacola, and includes:

  • foiling sailboat races,
  • outdoor vendors of clothing and nautical gadgets,
  • an on-water demo where attendees can try a variety of cutting-edge foiling boats, boards, and toys,
  • a sailing film festival,
  • musical entertainment, and
  • symposia aimed at all aspects of hydrofoiling applications.

The festival is open to the public, including non-sailors, and will deliver entertaining and engaging opportunities to visit Pensacola and enjoy the natural wonder of the Pensacola Bay along with the unique dining and entertainment culture of Pensacola, America’s first sailing city!

Read on to learn about the history and planning of Foiling Week Pensacola!


*Hydrofoils are underwater wings that lift a boat out of the water, which lessens the amount of energy needed to push the boat forward.  That means:

  • less fuel is used (in the case of motor-power powered craft),
  • less electricity is used (in the case of electric propulsion craft), or
  • the boat goes much faster (in the case of wind-powered sailboats).

Hydrofoils are making epic contributions beyond sailboat racing and recreational toys and are redefining conservation of energy in commercial marine shipping.

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Foiling Week – How It Looks




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Pensacola Hype Reel:



Foiling Week:

“Foiling Week” is an event dedicated to boats that are equipped with hydrofoils—a technology that allows a vessel’s hull to lift out of the water, reducing drag and allowing for extraordinary speeds. Hydrofoils are used on the American Magic sailboats based at the Port of Pensacola and challenging to win the 37th America’s Cup.

Hydrofoils are wings or blades that are attached to the hull of a boat below the waterline.   When the boat reaches a certain speed, the hydrodynamic lift provided by the hydrofoils raises the boat out of the water, instantly decreasing the amount of power required to propel the boat.  At that point, the propulsion system pushing the boat can be throttled back, saving energy while keeping the same speed OR, in the case of racing sailboats, sending them into overdrive speeds!

Foiling Week is a festival, celebrating the current and future role of hydrofoil integration into watercraft design.  The Foiling Week Pensacola festival will include a series of events highlighting hydrofoiling, including:

  • Racing of hydrofoiling sailboats;
  • Foiling Forums;
  • Consumer trade show;
  • Film Festival; and,
  • New tech demos!

These events bring together stakeholders in the watercraft community, including designers, builders, sailors, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, experiences, and the latest innovations in foiling.

The race portion of the event features different classes of foiling sailboats, from small dinghies to larger multihulls, and even foiling windsurfers and kitesurfers.

The B2C tradeshow allows consumers to purchase sailing and marine softgoods, art, jewelry, and hardware in a village of vendors from around North and South America!

The forums are presentations by designers, engineers, and sailors addressing scientific, commercial, and practical aspects of hydrofoil implementation in water toys, sailboats, and powered watercraft.

The sailing film festival spotlights juried selections in narrative documentary and fiction categories, all in the 15 minute ‘short’ format.  This event will propel Pensacola forward as the North American epicenter of sailing film!

The new tech demo puts the latest foiling watercraft (boats, boards, foiling, electric, and sailing) in the hands of consumers to try!  There isn’t anywhere in North America where the public can access this range of exciting new products in the hydrofoiling world!

Non-sailors will have just as much fun, immersed in the energy of this latest technology, shopping for novel nautical gear, taking in music, film and Pensacola’s amazing food scene.

Foiling Week Pensacola 2025 is the first permanent venue for Foiling Week outside of Europe.  The organizers believe the coalescence of high-performance sailing interest, American Magic, and the natural sailing assets of the Pensacola Bay create an ideal venue for the North American expansion of Foiling Week. As this event grows, increased industry sponsorship and industry demo fees will be generated.  In addition, booth space and associated revenue for B2C and B2B components will increase with each subsequent year.

Foiling Week builds on the momentum of the American Magic base development and training in the Pensacola Bay.  The event is a festival format, but with a sailing theme, which will be a new yet contextually relevant festival, in a shoulder month for Pensacola.  The event is the only one of this type in North America and will be marketed to both North and South America, following expressions of interest from those markets.  The expected direct impact of the one-week event attracting North and South American attendees will be supplemented by secondary visitation resulting from the tourism venue exposure.  Both primary and secondary visitation will increase TDT funds and will do so by activating a world-class festival in a shoulder season for Escambia County.

It’s here in the place Mayor Reeves calls “America’s First City”.  We alter that slightly – “Pensacola – America’s First Sailing City!”






Foiling Week Pensacola Venues

Event and Race Operations will be based at Pensacola Yacht Club (Watson Sailing Center) and Sanders Beach Community Center.

The Public Epicenter will be Community Maritime Park where spectators can visit exhibitor booths, the film tent, and the waterline to watch the races up close!

The Sailing Film Festival will be based at Little Theatre where juried submissions will be screening along with flat media projects from school children.


Racing Boats & Demo Staging

Racing Boats will have primary launch access at Pensacola Beach Yacht Club and Sanders Beach.

Demos of watercraft and foiling toys will occur at Quietwater Beach and Parkwest, on Pensacola Beach!

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