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The iFLY is a next-generation all-carbon foiling catamaran that excites both experienced catamaran sailors and newcomers alike. Developed in 2015 from the outset as a foiling catamaran, no compromises had to be made to retrofit an existing non-foiling boat and adhere to displacement class box rules. The T-Foil configuration, with flaps actively controlled by the unique FlySafe® Foil Control System, offers proven and unrivaled control when flying above the water in a wide range of wind conditions and built sea states. This allows sailors to fully unleash the extreme speed potential of foiling while enjoying unmatched safety. While flying at GPS documented speeds of 31kts downwind and 18kts upwind, and sailing in winds of 25 kts, gusting to 30, iFLY sailors don’t compromise on speed or safety!

Speed + Control

iFLy Credo:

We love SPEED while keeping CONTROL, stands for the conviction that speed is nothing without control.

The iFLY15 also provides unique versatility in that it can be sailed single-handed or double-up / double trapeze, without compromising performance. The iFLY can be sailed in non-foiling mode, has an optional lightwind headsail, and is fully customizable with different mast lengths and sail sizes. The sailor can rig the boat and be ready to sail in 15 minutes. The boat is superbly easy to launch and retrieve from a beach or ramp, since the foils and rudders can be lowered and raised incrementally, providing great maneuverability and control in water as shallow as 20”. With more than 200 units delivered worldwide, and 8 years of optimization, the iFLY is a field-proven and highly optimized foiling machine, designed in Germany and built in Western Europe, with immediate spare parts delivery from central stock.

Being born to foil, the dimensions of the iFLY are very different from non-foiling catamarans. Sailing at boat speeds of 2.5 times true wind speed, one does not need a large sail area -apparent wind is dominant. Similarly, hull length is irrelevant since there are no advantages in Archimedean mode.

For these reasons, the iFLY was intentionally designed to a length of only 15 feet. For best flight stability width is important, and therefore the iFLY has a respectable 8’2” beam and 3’1” maximum draft. The full carbon boat is extremely easy to handle as it weighs a mere 220 lbs with all equipment and sails. She can accommodate crew weight up to 180 kg (397 lbs) with double trapeze.

The serial mast height is 7.5 meters (24’8”) with an 11.2 sqm (121sqft) square top deck sweeper main. The unique auxiliary CodeF headsail of 6.4 sqm (69 sqft) can be sailed upwind and downwind, and can be tacked -like a jib, or jibed like an asymmetrical Gennaker.


With continuous R&D and refinement, 2022 saw the birth of the iFLY RAZZOR Pro with the innovative iFLY Main Foil Differential, or MDT. Described as an iFLY on steroids, the RAZZOR is designed for experienced or pro sailors. The MDT enables sailors to precisely, and actively control the rake of the windward foil from the trapeze to deliver additional righting moment in strong wind conditions. It’s the perfect platform to compete in the iFLY Open Class and has a competitive SCHRS rating for competing in combined catamaran class regattas.

With this additional control, sailors can opt for an 8.5 m mast with the option of an 11.7 sqm (121 sqft), or 14.2 sqm (153 sqft) square top deck sweeper main, and a 7.3 sqm (79 sqft) CodeF headsail for more power in light wind conditions and/or for sailing double up.

The iFLY is constructed from high-quality materials, with titanium cored carbon foils, carbon hulls, beams and boom to guarantee stability and durability. Pioneering technologies like the Softwing-Rig, Main Foil Differential MDT, and the CodeF foresail, set the iFLY apart in the world of foiling catamarans.


Technical Specifications

L:                        4.63m – 15’

W:                      2.5m – 8’2”

Draft:                 0.95m – 3’1”

Weight:              95 Kg- 210 Lbs (with foils, spars and sails)

Max speed:      31knts (to date)

T-foil equipped

Foiling starting in 6knts of true wind speed

Demo Day!

Saturday, April 27, 2024, Sail Pensacola hosted Ernst-Michael Miller in the Footprint Accelerator where he presented the iFLy1 one design and the iFLy Razzor.  The Pensacola Beach Yacht Club hosted the presentation session, and Key Sailing hosted the on-water demo.

The iFLY Class Page:



For sales worldwide contact Michael Miller: EMichael@iflysail.com

For North American sales contact Hans Evers: hans.evers@iflysail.com




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